Thank you for downloading our My HoneyBaked Ham app and participating in our Rewards program. We regret to inform you that the My HoneyBaked Ham app will be coming to an end on September 30th. We appreciate your participation and the feedback we received has been wonderful in guiding us for improvement in the future.

Why did I receive notification about The My HoneyBaked Ham App being discontinued?

At some point, you downloaded The My HoneyBaked Ham App, or your email address or phone number was associated with an app rewards account. Because all content and rewards including earned points and offers stored in The My HoneyBaked Ham App will be permanently deleted after the app is discontinued, HoneyBaked Ham is making every effort to notify users who have had an app account.

Why did The My HoneyBaked Ham App shut down?

We listened and learned about what we can do to make our HoneyBaked Rewards program better. We are looking for a sustainable platform that can provide the flexibility to continue to expand our Rewards program and create an interactive experience.

What will happen with my existing loyalty points?

My HoneyBaked Ham Loyalty Points are still tracked and added to your account until September 8th, 2017; after this date the ability to track and earn points from purchases will be disabled. On September 13th each user with points will be issued a Google form link via email for their total point value which will allow them to enter their mailing address into a secure form to receive a mailed gift card.

Can I still use The My HoneyBaked Ham App after the September 30, 2017 rollback date?

We highly recommend that you remove The My HoneyBaked Ham app before September 30th, 2017. The app will still be accessible but we will no longer be tracking your purchase, sending offers through the app, updating your loyalty points or providing app updates. We encourage all users to redeem their points, prior to the complete shutdown date.

How do I delete The My HoneyBaked Ham app?

On an Apple device, you can press the app and hold down until it starts to wiggle. Once all the apps are wiggling, select the x in the top right-hand corner of the My HoneyBaked Ham App to erase it. On an Android device, you will need to go to their phone settings, tap 'Apps', swipe to the 'Downloads' tab, find the app you want to delete and tap the 'Uninstall' button. Once deleted you will not be able to reinstall The My HoneyBaked Ham app from the App Store(s).

What will happen to my data after September 30, 2017?

All data will be securely deleted from our app server and will no longer be running. The data that exists on your My HoneyBaked Ham app will continue to be protected, should you continue to use the app.

When will a new My HoneyBaked App be available?

We have received great feedback from both our app users and our internal team members for improving the features and functions of the My HoneyBaked Ham App. We will work towards providing capabilities and services that will prepare us for future growth and a better user experience. We will announce the timeframe around this initiate on a later date.

Do you have a question or need help with your My HoneyBaked App account?

For any questions regarding app support, customers and stores can reach out to appsupport@hbham. The more detail you can provide, the better we'll be able to help.